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Though Japanese cuisine is famous for various delicious dishes, the most preferred is sushi. Because of its cuisine, Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world. One of the most popular cuisines in Japan is sushi, a type of traditional Japanese cuisine in which seasoned short-grain rice is prepared with vinegar and eaten with toppings including vegetables, fish, and shellfish.

Benefits of sushi for health

You’re losing out on a delectable meal as well as the health advantages of sushi if you’ve never tried it. If you already like sushi, finding out more about its health advantages will be fun.

Fish is a good source of protein. Although most people get adequate protein, USDA MyPlate recommends that adults get 5 to 7 ounces-equivalent of protein-rich foods daily. protein is required. As there are so many possible combinations of sushi ingredients, a vast range of complex yet seductive flavours can be created. Restaurants can offer typical sushi selections with house or specialty rolls, like the famous California roll, the chopped scallop hand roll, and freshly eaten sashimi pieces.

A standard maki roll typically has 20 to 28 calories per piece. For instance, depending on the content, a piece of vegetable maki (20g) contains 20 calories whereas a piece of tuna maki (30g) has 29 calories. While salmon sashimi (1 oz) has 36 calories per slice, salmon nigiri (35g) has 37 calories per piece.
Are you a sushi fan? We have excellent news for you, though: you can now savour as much of Japan’s best culinary export as you can stand! In Dubai, there are currently many wonderful “all-you-can-eat” sushi buffets. A variety of sushi dishes are presented and ready for you to tuck into them.

One of the best places where you can get sushi buffets –

Kimuraya authentic Japanese restaurant when it comes to exquisite dining. This elegant Japanese restaurant has four branched in different locations 1. The Oberoi Hotel Business Bay Branch, 2.Abtoor Grand Resort, Marina – JBR Branch, 3.  Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf Branch and 4. Sheraton Creek Dubai Hotel Creek Branch. Kimuraya offers a variety of modern and traditional grilled foods and sharing platters in addition to being one of the top sushi restaurants in Dubai.

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