Things to remember before selecting Japanese restaurant

As we are well aware that every restaurant is different in their way. Be it their interior, sitting arrangement or food.
The first thing to remember before selecting a Japanese restaurant is to try the cuisine.

Kimuraya – ya in Dubai can be your best choice For a Japanese restaurant, which is famous for its reliable services. They serve with love and unquestionable quality.

Kimuraya ya offers mouth-watering dishes like sushi, but no shogayaki, champion, fugu, gyoza, udon, Egyptian, and many more.
Along with dishes it also offers various will surely add up to your meal to tasty beverages to satisfy your thirst and lift your mood.
However Japanese restaurants have some unusual rules, and services that will surely amaze you. Going there without knowledge can be a big mistake.

Here are some important things to remember –

  • Tipping Is Required – Japan’s no-tip policy is popular but also confuses a lot of visitors. In general Japan, staff don’t usually accept tips and might even return them to you. But there are some exceptions. Nowadays, some high-end restaurants also offer services that charge the bill.
  • Otoshi will be served – It is a kind of small dish served at kimuraya. It is usually served without you asking for it and of course, is added to your check. Understandably, travellers who don’t know about this custom might feel like asked to pay for something they didn’t order.

  • Surprising cheap food – In Japan, restaurants are known for the best dishes, popular in their own countries. Many restaurants here will please you with all-you-can-drink service. You can enjoy as much food and as many drinks, soft drinks and some alcoholic beverages.
  • Water is free – In Japan, you will be served water as soon as you get seated. This is such a kind gesture they add to their list. This is usually called ohiya, always free. Some travellers are surprised to get it, especially when they receive cold water in winter, though you can be lucky if you have hot tea instead of water.

  • World-famous fast-food – chains like McDonald’s and Subway have increased in popularity in Japan. Those fast-food restaurants are not quite the same as the ones back home, but way different from others. Special items like troyki, burgers, and beverages are only on menus.
  • Paying – While the majority of restaurants in Japan provide western-style tables and chairs, low traditional tables with cushions to sit on the floor are also common and referred to as zoshika. There are some rules and regulations to be followed, like the anti-smoking law prohibiting smiling at restaurants in Japan. Small-sized restaurants that make laws may allow smoking if they display signs on the couch outside the eating area.
    It is not customary to travel to Japan, and if you do you will probably find the best restaurant, with staff chasing you.

There is no doubt that one of the best qualities of an authentic Japanese restaurant can be on your list of many options.

But it is very important to identify the right restaurant which can be best for your taste.

For that, you need to be aware of some more important traits that are –

  • Meals with memorable experience – As your taste buds crave for more dishes, if you want to feel like reaching cloud nine you should definitely go to the four most delicious dishes without a second thought.
  • Variety of raw fish options – Fish, sushi, pancakes and many more are part of Japanese restaurants. In short, fish is the best kind in any classy Japanese restaurant.
  • Rice tops them all – Without rice, Japanese restaurants are nothing. Keep this fact in mind when choosing an authentic Japanese restaurant.

The Japanese food culture is unique yet simple without much spices, and chilly. But yes you can’t understand the quality and mouthwatering taste.

Though, whenever you think of trying something new for your taste buds, remember these traits before selecting a Japanese restaurant.

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